sat 15/08/2020

theartsdesk in Brussels: The EU Takes On Google | reviews, news & interviews

theartsdesk in Brussels: The EU Takes On Google

theartsdesk in Brussels: The EU Takes On Google

Translating books, linking museums and libraries - not as simple as it looks

Zoom in to see the linguistic (in)competence of the ubiquitous Google Translate

This year the Eurozone is going to be the big political subject; fragmentation the looming concern. Culturally too, one would think that Europe, with 23 official languages, and another 60 minority languages spoken, is too much of a warren to be able to find any possible unanimity. But two ambitious projects are afoot in Brussels: to enable the translating of major literature across languages, and to join up all the museums, galleries and centres of knowledge in one great cultural cornucopia. And before you mutter that this is as exciting as sprouts, think for a moment of the implications - an online equivalent of a vast library of all the major known cultures, a gigantic linking of the great libraries, museums, galleries and universities in a single place for all humanity to access.

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