sun 02/10/2022

New releases on CD & DVD

Album: Björk - Fossora

Tim Cumming

Album opener “Atapos” was released as a single earlier in September, its sharply angular beats created by Björk and Indonesian duo Gabber Modus Operandi, one of whom has since had his contributions removed following #MeToo allegations. The song’s message is about growth towards connection.

Album: Slipknot - The End, So Far

Thomas H Green

Make no mistake about it, Slipknot are massive. 23 years after their recording debut, they’ve had 8.5 billion streams, their sixth album, 2019’s We Are Not Your Kind, hit the top of the charts in 12 countries, including the US and the UK, and their spectacular shows are a global phenomenon. In fact, it’s live that this writer really embraces Slipknot but their last album demonstrated they still had the chutzpah to knock a longplayer out of the park.

Album: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cool It Down

Joe Muggs

It’s a minor tragedy that Yeah Yeah Yeahs arrived just in time to be bundled in with a spurious “new rock revolution,” because they were so much more...

Blu-ray: Love (Szerelem)

Graham Rickson

Károly Makk’s Love (Szerelem) is full of silences and absences, this 1971 film’s premise as simple as its title is banal.The post-war setting is...

Album: Lambchop - The Bible

Nick Hasted

Lambchop’s 1997 breakthrough album took its title from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Borrowing The Bible is a more purposefully brazen gambit, as Kurt...

Album: Gabriels - Angels & Queens, Part I

Peter Quinn

A mesmerising, superbly crafted debut album from the LA-based trio

Album: Beth Orton - Weather Alive

Joe Muggs

Cracked introspection and grand sweep sonics on a record of memory regained

Album: Mark Peters - Red Sunset Dreams

Barney Harsent

The multi-instrumentalist returns with an album of radiant resolution and sumptuous soundscapes

Blu-ray: Kuhle Wampe

Graham Rickson

A classic of Weimar-era cinema, both polemical and poetic

Album: Tim Burgess - Typical Music

Kathryn Reilly

Nothing typical to hear here, just an artist being passionately prolific

Blu-ray: Nitram

Saskia Baron

Lucid portrait of the months leading up to an infamous mass shooting in Australia

Album: Blackpink - Born Pink

Joe Muggs

The "Pink Venom" of capitalism concentrated to its purest form... yet

Album: Marcus Mumford - (Self-Titled)

Barney Harsent

The Mumford & Sons frontman finds catharsis in his solo debut

Album: Marina Allen - Centrifics

Kieron Tyler

US singer-songwriter’s jazz-tinged second album eschews templates

Album: Gogol Bordello - Solidaritine

Guy Oddy

Mixed heritage gypsy-punks add some hardcore punk to their sound

Album: Suede - Autofiction

Nick Hasted

Wistful post-punk thuggery from Britpop's comeback kings

Blu-ray: Identification of a Woman

Nick Hasted

Late Antonioni offers faded, formal beauty and a flare of eerie genius

Album: Star Feminine Band - In Paris

Mark Kidel

Protest songs by teenage band from Benin

Album: Santigold - Spirituals

Kathryn Reilly

She's back and she's still blazing a creative trail

Album: Parkway Drive - Darker Still

Tom Carr

A heavy metal treasure trove - euphoric and atmospheric throughout, yet punchy and energetic

Album: Ozzy Osbourne - Patient Number 9

Guy Oddy

A fiery good-bye to the USA from the Prince of Darkness

Album: The Afghan Whigs - How Do You Burn?

Nick Hasted

Greg Dulli's veterans head for the hedonistic horizon, still finding wisdom in excess

Album: Julian Lennon - Jude

Kathryn Reilly

Here comes the son

Album: Tom Chaplin - Midpoint

Joe Muggs

Music that was always middle aged ironically ages gracefully

Album: Two Door Cinema Club - Keep On Smiling

Barney Harsent

An uneven return, but a passing grade for the electronic-infused indie trio

Blu-ray: Desire / All My Good Countrymen - Two films by Vojtěch Jasný

Graham Rickson

A distinctive director’s take on post-war Czech life

Album: Julia Hülsmann Quartet - The Next Door

Sebastian Scotney

Top-flight German jazz quartet finds freedom and natural flow

DVD: Wayfinder

Nick Hasted

An Afrofuturist road movie through eerie, emptied English landscapes

Album: Muse - Will of the People

Tom Carr

Muse's ninth doesn't stick the landing despite some promise in its varied sound


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Album: Björk - Fossora

Album opener “Atapos” was released as a single earlier in September, its sharply angular beats created by...

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