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Hanson, IndigO2

Hanson, IndigO2

The brothers have grown up but unfortunately their music hasn't matured with them

Hanson: The 'MMMBop' idols have shed pop for an uncomfortable indie hybrid

Can the Hanson brothers ever rid themselves of the shackles of “MMMBop” (the 1997 hit that brought them global renown)? More to the point, should they bother to try? These were the burning questions I armed myself with as I prepared to watch a band whose progress, it’s fair to say, I’ve hardly followed in the last 15 years since their falsetto singing and rambunctious head-banging brought the world such joy.

So, having done some serious mugging up, and listened to their back catalogue, I was interested to see where fortune would have taken the clean-cut trio with the flowing blond hair.

As soon as Isaac, Taylor and Zac opened their mouths to chime “Waiting for This”, I discovered they hadn’t travelled too far from where I left them last – cheesy lyrics, fake little-boy voices, lots of drums and guitar solos. The only thing that seemed to have travelled was their enthusiasm, as they played and sang in a robotic fashion summoning a fraction of their earlier vim, as if going through the motions.

Now 26, drummer Zac, the youngest brother, is still the best thing about Hanson

Well, at least they could remember the words. On Saturday “MMMBop” was murdered by Janet Devlin on The X Factor, so it was good to hear it reclaimed with skill by its owners. But as the band rattled through material from their Noughties albums as well as their Nineties hits, the saccharine silliness (which has its place, don’t get me wrong, and of which “MMMBop” is a fine example) seemed to infect their quite marked attempts to go for a less popster, more indie sound, leaving them with an uncomfortable hybrid. Harmonised voices over growling guitar? It worked for Queen, it doesn’t work for Hanson. Admittedly this probably isn’t entirely the band’s fault. Looking around the audience, and judging from the enthusiasm that greeted every track off their breakout album Middle of Nowhere, the fans that have clung on are firm MMMBoppers. Demands for old material that has sold them 10 million albums two decades ago must make moving on tricky. A show of hands when the band asked if anyone had been at an earlier 2011 London gig, revealed that approximately 80 per cent of the crowd had. Firm followers, then.

Hanson perform "MMMBop" in 1998

The identikit tracks came thick and fast. Occasionally there was a surprise – an a cappella chorus (harmonised, naturally), a call for the audience to sing along to the chorus of “This Time Around” (nobody near me knew the words). Playing to an audience of around 2,000 in a curious venue in the interior of the 02 Arena, Hanson seemed dwarfed by the big daddy venue that enclosed them. It probably compounded the fact that they don’t sell out stadiums in this country any more. Having said this, the group are coming to the end of months and months of touring America and Europe and it may have been the strain of this that dampened their performance. Like the podlings in The Dark Crystal, they seemed to have had the vitality sucked out of them.

Now 26, drummer Zac, the youngest brother, is still the best thing about Hanson. Gone is his Macaulay Culkin cuteness and the braided hair, replaced by a broad-shouldered good-looking man whose beard was the final nail in the coffin, for me, on his 14-year-old image. He and guitarist Isaac dress like they’re trying to belong to Kings of Leon rather than Hanson. On main vocals and keys, Taylor is truer to the original brand, wearing a salmon-pink sweater and neckerchief.

The guys are not big on moving about and stay glued to the spot throughout the performance, working up a little sweat on some of the rockier numbers. Their vocals have survived the test of maturity and are only a little growlier. Their instrumental skills are not to be faulted. They played “MMMBop” very well after 18 pretty forgettable tracks, making the pinnacle of the evening bewilderingly predictable. But the fans loved it. I’ve still got “MMMBop” stuck in my head hours later, so they must be doing something right. Better keep those shackles fixed tight.

Hanson perform "MMMBop" in 2011

Harmonised voices over growling guitar? It worked for Queen, it doesn’t work for Hanson


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Erm were we at the same show? They were amazing tonight. The venue did not dwarf them they were completely at ease, I've seen them play much bigger venues than that and they are never intimidated by any size crowd, they always know how to work a room and get audience participation. They move about as much as any band does while playing, what were you expecting dancing? I suggest go and see steps or something if thats your kind of thing. I don't know what the cheesy lyrics comment is referring to, Hanson are very talented songwriters who have worked with many other artists, I can't think of any of their songs that I would regard as cheesy. I also don't understand the fake little boy voices comment, are you saying they still sing like they did 1997, if so that's absurd and you should get your hearing checked because they sound like three grown men to me. The harmonising does not make them sound pop, nor are they trying to sound like Queen, it's more of a seventies throwback to CSN, something a bit raw and organic. What's with fashion review, it's completely childish and irrelevant, and no Isaac and Zac are not trying to look like they are in Kings of Leon, they are in fact quite proud that they are in Hanson, as strange as that might seem to you. Since Hanson have been around longer than Kings of Leon then shouldn't that mean that they are the ones trying to look like they're in Hanson? They are not stuck in the past, they've definitely moved on from mmmbop, it's just a shame that people like you haven't because you're missing out on a great band. They love music and that's what it's all about for them, they are completely unique and have their own style but at the same time you can hear all their different influences in what they do. They appreciate everything they have in life, do what they can to help others, and treat people with respect. That's why they have such a loyal fanbase NOT because of one song they sung 15 years ago. Other bands including Kings of Leon could learn a lot from Hanson, their attitude towards their career and the way they treat their fans. Sorry for the rant, I just don't understand why people like you go to see a band you know nothing about then come out and write a bad review, if I went to a gig and didn't know the band or the songs I probably wouldn't have much fun either. I do find it amusing though how some people seem to think Hanson bashing makes themselves sound cool. It doesn't, it makes them sound like an amateur who has no real grasp on the music industry. Hanson are highly respected in the industry and have had a lot of influence on many artists around today. On a side note, my only criticism about tonights show was that they didn't play much from their latest album, but it was still a great show.

It felt really really sad. They looked dead on the inside and their voices were dead, too, even though their songs are musically uplifting. They looked liked they had witnessed some terrible atrocities and would never be able to forget them, but half-heartedly decided to give life another go, knowing that things are very unlikely to work out for them...

The loony bin called, it's time for your meds

It seems you had an already fixed opinion of what you were going to write. I'm 18 and into a real mix of music – I found the guys at this year’s V festival and was blown out by their live performance and energy and immediately searched for their site and downloaded their single, I convinced my two friends to join me last night and we all had a brilliant time, In defence of the guys I would like to see which X factor wanna be, could hold the attention of an audience for almost 2 hours and still command an audience of 2000 plus after 14 years. Hey, to balance my rant - my only criticism was the lack of the bass player they had at V fest, but I still thoroughly enjoy the show, so I am rather lost by your view on the gig - from my reading this it seems you may have a little age on your side - Bitch Bitch!

Are you serious you only found them this year? :o I'm 18 as well and Mmmbop came out when we were 4 so how after like 14 years are you only finding them and how have you not heard of Mmmbop?

I agree with what Kate (above) is saying. Going into a gig to review it with the obvious intention of hating every minute isnt going to produce a particulary constructive review. I am a casual fan of Hanson. I have not followed them religiously since day 1, and probably only came in at the time of their 'underneath' album, so I'm not writing from an obsessive squeeing fan girl perspective. i am writing from the stance of a music fan & my 2nd time seeing them. They are talented songwriters and performers, and I throughly enjoyed the show. I don't know what young boys you have heard sing lately - but if their voices are that low, i think they may have lied about their age to you. In regards to the playlist - what other bands who have been around for 14 years arent going to play songs from throughout their career. If you go and see Pink Floyd are you going to criticise them for playing 'wish you were here'? Also, which bands do you know where all members play an instrument who dont stay in pretty much the same spot for most of the gig? There's no dance routine that usually involve a drum kit. What's wrong with 80% of the audience having been at their last show? Are you not allowed to go and see a band twice, three times or more? I'm really struggling to understand if you're actually interested in concerts or following or being a fan of any artist. I saw many 'dragged along' boyfriends who were enjoying the show as much as the girls who had followed them since MmmBop. There was a great atmosphere in there and I am struggling to understand how you could write such a scathing review based on the show last night. It's interesting that you suggest they want to be like Kings of Leon. Any small amount of research about the band would have shown you that KOL are the last band that they would want to be like.... That kind of research would also have thrown up information about their charity work, importance of including their fans in their tours and such like as to other reasons why they still have followers after 14 years. Poor review Matlida, you sound overly cynically as if you are trying to prove that you couldnt possibly have enjoyed the gig in case you lose some 'street cred'. You also seem clueless about Indigo2 - as a music reviewer do you not research and visit music venues either? It's been there since the beginning of the 02 arena and has many high profile shows. If the best thing about the gig was how attractive Zac has grown up to be, how Taylor still fits the 'brand' of being a 14yr singer in a band, I'm not really sure your review can be taken seriously. It's a shame you had a forgettable and predictable evening as i suspect you were probably the only one. i'm sure you probably think you're just being attacked by fan girls, but the band must be doing something right to be around for nearly 15 years. I look forward to your review of their 30th anniversary tour.

You also got the name of the venue wrong, it's back to front. It should have been written on your ticket....

one that obv. didn't do any research because the name of the drummer is spelled: ZAC, not zach...

As a Hanson fan who was at last night's show, the comments about their music not maturing are valid and comments people within the fanbase have been making for years. The are 31, 28 and 26 and singing lyrics and songs they could have written at 16. I think Isaac is the best thing about Hanson though, but I grant you, Zac's probably the best if you're only really taking looks into account so I'll take that.

Speak for yourself. I think they are incredible songwriters, even when they were younger a lot of their songs were way beyond their years. BTW talking about favourites and who is goodlooking is not very mature of you.

It's a Hell of a lot more mature than the people in this post who have resorted to personally attacking the reviewer. I'm embarrassed for you all as a Hanson fan.

Actually it's not. You seem to have a problem with over generalising. I agree though that the personal attacks on the reviewer are a bit much, there's no need to get angry and call her names, but only a few people have resorted to that, most of the comments are quite justified. Let's keep this clean people.

Im quite confused by this 'review', you appear to have been at a completely different show. I was there last night along with a friend who knew nothing more than the song Mmmbop, she didn't have a clue what to expect and was not sure she would like it. We both danced the night away along with 1999 other people in the venue.... Having been to a show of theirs in the past I found them to be just the same, full of energy, a great love for the fans and plenty of songs from their 14 years of playing music. I too do not get how you could expect 3 musicians to move around the stage more? They are a live band, not a group who have dance routines or need something to make them appear like they are giving a performance, their music and instruments are their performance - you clearly missed this! As for their style, if you know anything at all about the band you would know that they are all individuals who each have their own style - hence the preppy, rock n roll and smart looks. They never have and never would copy anyone, they know what they want and probably couldn't care less about what KOL are wearing! Their music today still has a hint of pop yes, they are after all the same singer/song writers! but it is an older sound, more influenced by rock n roll. They are far from being stuck in the past. My friend and I had a fantastic night out and enjoyed it from start to finish. Unlike you both of us will be back to see them again as will many more people who see them for what they truly are - a fantastic live band. Maybe next time you should try going to the show and actually let yourself go and enjoy it!!

I think it is pointless and rude to go to a show with a preformed opinion and not be willing to change. It is a shame that such negativity still exisits about something that was over 15 years ago! What were you doing 15 years ago? Would you like the be judged on the bad clothes you wore and your hairstyles? No! So why do you judge other people? Hanson has never been a band to fit into the mold, so why should they try now? The current music scene is so full of auto-tuned and pre-recorded vocals that people like you have no idea what they are listening to when they go to a concert that is live music. And further more if you want to bash someone's hard work, spell their names correctly!

Sounds like you showed up to this show with your mind already made up. That's sad. I feel very sorry for you. You're missing out on a wonderful and talented band.

this article is disgusting to me....clearly you went into this concert with the obvi expectation of negativity. I have seen hason MANY times and never ever have they dissapointed me. Also, why are YOU judging the way someone dresses? they are musicians......and im pretty sure are allowed to dress any way they was a fashion show you attended...also pretty sure if your going to report a band you may want to spell the drummers just shows what you were concentrating on. Also, was MMMBOP the only song they sang, or the only one you knew and could compare? hmmmm and if you watch those two videos you posted...they CLEARLY sound different so you obvi werent at the concert. And one last do u expect people that play their OWN instruments to move around? they are not some boy band who dance around a stage like if thats what you were expecting i think you were at the wrong show...and next time you want to report a concert prehaps you can spell all the band members name/ venue correctly :)

This does seem like a very narrow minded review - the reviewer had need not bothered attending the gig, as their mind was made up prior to the show. What made me laugh is the hilarity that they 'copy' Kings of Leon style. Each of their brothers have their own style, which has held fast for years. The last I checked Hanson have been around longer than Kings of Leon. And if they dress remotely similarly it may be down to the fact that they are of the same age, and from Oklahoma too. This review obviously just goes for the free gigs, and can't be bothered to research the bands. Thank god we have a variety of music acts that play in smaller venues. I cant think of anything worse than a concert in an arena.

So I was thinking on telling you how aweful are you and your note, but you know what? you don't even worth it! so go ahead! I'm 100% sure you are a fan of Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber or something like that, 'cause I can tell you don't know ANYHTING about good music!...I'm so sorry for you...and you're so damn boring!....

isn't it being hypocritical for anyone here to bash those who like the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber and calling these artists talentless or whatever? Anyone who does is showing the same bias you're ripping on the review writer for having. If you don't like the music of the Jonas Brothers or Justin Bieber that's fine, but show the same level of respect towards these artists as we Hanson fans are demanding be shown towards Hanson. Fact is both of the above named artists ARE talented. The Jonas Brothers play/played their own music too (just like Hanson) and sometimes even Justin plays instruments and he can dance. I'm a MAJOR fan of Hanson (I have all their CD's except for "Boomerang" and "3 Car Garage" and have seen them in concert 3 times now)... plus I'm of the rare variety in Hanson fans, I'm male. But I also like the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber. That doesn't mean my taste in music (or anyone else who likes them) is somehow "off" or "bad". What annoys me is when people declare anything outside their personal taste as "not good music". To YOU maybe, but to others it is good and that doesn't mean they're somehow faulty for liking something you don't.

I am pretty sure if I voiced my opinion on you I would be arrested. I can't even get started I am so filled with rage right now. Glad to see you are like 5 years old... ahole.

Your article was distasteful and you are horrible person for the things you wrote. You didn't give the band at all any chance and pretty much had your mind made up about them BEFORE seeing them live. They have come so far from MMMBOP and maybe next time you will do a bit of research before opening a article up on a band that DOES have talent. These men give it their all at each performance, they write their own music, play their own instruments ON TOP of running THEIR OWN record company and other things that come with owning that business. They did walks with fans and donated so much money to the people in Africa. How dare you mock and make fun of amazing guys who do what they love and succeed in what they love? Like I said, do some research and maybe give them a actual chance. Because clearly you had your mind made up walking in and didn't once actually try to get into their music. ::GASP:: You might have actually liked their music. NO WAY! Smh. I'd like you to find me one guy band that actually plays their own music. Not the Jonas Brothers because they pretty much seem split up. That's right, you can't. End of rant.

Your rant was fine until I came to the Jonas Brothers part, even if they hadn't split up they would not be a "guy band that actually plays their own music" Jonas Brothers are a product of Disney a brand and nothing more. What age are you, really?

if u don't like them u shouldn't have gone to the gig in the 1st place, then when are u stupid "music critics" realize u are NOTHING if u were so damn good u'd be on stage making music instead... oooh but u r not! u r losers with cocky attitude... u just can't accept hanson makes awesome music, TRUE music, not fake plastic shit, they have grown a lot these 14 years, they are indie (uhm.. so they don't have huge sponsors, they don't have big budgets so they don't play their music and videos like lady caca and shit like that on the radio and mtv and uhm maybe that's why they dnt play at big arenas) the fact u don't get their music it doesn't mean is not good music... so go and get a life, or show us ur big accomplishments in music and let's criticize u! :)

"The guys are not big on moving about and stay glued to the spot throughout the performance" I gave up after that, I guess Zac should have his drums set up on a moving platform? Maybe Taylor could of wheeled his piano to a different place on the stage for each number?

Thanks for this comment. I was already just sick of this article by the time I got to that point and as soon as I read that line I was in a point of utter the heck does this writter expect them to move about stage when they are playing the instruments.

Oh my god, couldn't have said it better myself! This "review" is an absolute attempt to conform to the "cool" thing" by slagging off Hanson, no real appreciation or understanding of their music genre at all.

I'm actually appalled by your review. You clearly didn't give them a chance. You are exactly the kind of narrow-minded person this fan base fights with constantly. Did you miss the fact that they have true fans, who have followed them for 14 years, all over the country in some cases??? Obviously they are doing something right. Oh yeah, they make AWESOME music and are true to themselves, not conforming to what big music execs want. That's right, they have fought for the creative rights of their music. They have written and produced each and every song they have put out there. Can you say artists nowadays possess those same qualities? No. You probably listen to shitty "bands" who barely play their own instruments and who are just puppets in a big money making business. The same business that hopes that pathetic music critics like you can sway the opinions of the people buying the "music". I went to my first Hanson show last year, only truly knowing the lyrics to their "This Time Around" cd. I had the time of my life. And have since gone to three more shows and plan on going to more. Before you try to knock down a band for actually being a band, I suggest you look at the bigger picture and do your research. They have matured and so has their music. You're an awful critic and if your other reviews are anything like this one, I can assure you that I would never take them seriously. You suck.

Just the fact that you can't even spell one of the members names correctly shows how little knowledge you have on the subject you are writing about. Do a little research before writing articles, you sound like an idiot.

There are many points I could touch on, but I'll just mention a few. "Fake little-boy voices"? They just really do have a wide register, and their voices ARE high again, after some lower teen years. That's only something to admire. I guess you were bewildered that white men can sing like that. If they were black, you'd be ok with that. You were clearly blinded by prejudices of how white men should sound like. We have our Guy Garveys, Brian Fallons, Michael Stipes etc. Why not some beautiful higher voices as well? Secondly, the harmonies? Since when is it a bad thing to be able to do harmony the way Hanson do? Sure, for a long time it was unfashionable in music, and it seems you are concerned with what you should like. But did you miss the harmony revival that's been going on with the Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, for example? So hey, even you are now allowed to appreciate harmony, because those two are officially cool bands, as I'm sure you know. Too bad you didn't know the secret that, really, Hanson are too. With those who know music even more than you do. Oh, and you must've stood at the back. I'm sure hundreds of people there could sing along to This Time Around, and for the record, none of those 80 % of the audience, the firm followers, were there to hear MMMBop. We know the lyrics to each one of their songs. It's the rest of the audience who yearn for the old hits, although we hardcore fans still know how to love and rock out to the first songs as well. We celebrate every song of theirs.

Ha! What a pathetic review. I wouldn't give up your day job. On another note - hanson were awesome at IndigO2. First time I have seen one of their concerts. I have not been a follower of the band and just went to see the show with a couple friends - I have to say they were vocally and instrumentally the best live band I have ever seen.

Is it not just possible the reviewer was giving her honest opinion? Does it really merit this kind of mindless fan abuse (I have no idea whether any of it is merited or not, but try and have a bit of courtesy and sense of proportion when you apply). And just think - your venom is upping the numbers of page views...

A friend of the author are you? It's hardly mindless fan abuse, everyone is just giving their opinion on her article like she gave her opinion on the band. Don't dish it out if you can't take it. Her scathing irrelevant comments clearly showed she had a vendetta against this band. If she truly didn't like the show she would have thought up some better criticism than what they were wearing, it's just childish & petty. I'm sorry if she is upset at all by all the comments but maybe next time she'll learn to do a bit more research on her subject matter before she blasts ignorant unjustified opinions on good, honest, hardworking people on the internet.

I don't think everything here is 'mindless fan abuse' -I understand it's hard not to be biased when you're a fan of a band when you read a review, but in contrast to reviews written by Matilda (which i enjoyed actually) it seems under researched (getting the name of the venue wrong isnt even anything to do with Hanson - this has sinced been changed), kind of lazy and as if she did not go into the concert with an open mind. I personally, have little time for U2, but I don't think it would be very professional of me to base my review of one of their shows on my personal opinion of the band. I don't know, maybe that's not what reviews of shows are meant to be, it's just surprising that Matilda missed the quite obvious good time that many people there were having, everyone was just having a good time & enjoying themselves - listening to a band which they are either a hardcore fan, a casual fan or just a nostaglic fan, or as one poster put, not even heard of their newer stuff. The review seemed like an attack on the fact that they have a fan base which still follows them for 14 years and that they shouldnt and its not 'cool'. I realise that their career was based on a bunch of girls fancying them in the beginning, but the merit of their performance shouldnt really be based on their attractiveness or if they have a particular 'look'. The comparison to Kings of Leon was a particular comment which shows little research about the band, as their high profile comments about KOL would be something easily found in research ( found it thru just googling the band & news). Reading her other reviews she seems to be a big fan of KOL and uses the comparison just to be able to have a dig at the band for no real reason. I'm not too bothered about the effect on page views though, and if there is any venom debate going on, it appears to have started in the review itself, not by the comments. I'm not personally attacking Matilda, as I say, I enjoyed reading her other work, but this seems to stick out against all of those. I do not believe anything I said was uncourteous, I believe it was constructive. And as anon said, if the review is her personal opinion then that is all that these comments are.

Oh and i realise there are a few slightly crazy comments here other than mine... but anyway - I've never actually seen their docu film thing called 'strong enough to break' - but I reckon it'd be worth you checking it out Matilda - it is all about how they fought to get released from their record label to be able to release the stuff they wanted to more freely. As I say I've not seen it, but I reckon that's prob something that would have been something to watch before the show, instead of listening to all of the albums - prob more of an insight into the bands history than just songs and also as to why the fanbase is still pretty hardcore after 14 years. Or of course, feel free not to watch it :-) I'm trying not to be fan girl here and be constructive, as I think you shoulf give the guys a chance :-)

whomever wrote this article should prob quit their are disgusting and worthless

I don't think thats a very productive or constructive comment or that it helps validate any other comments made on this article :-/


Wow. It seems that it's not only the brothers who are unable to move on (with their music, that is), but some of the rabidly hormonal fans struggle a little, too. The review is more than fair, if anything I'd say it's too generous. The gig was boring and with no atmosphere whatsoever. The attempts to 'work the crowd' verged on the comical in their inaptitude. There was something very sad about the whole thing, a feeling of trying to recreate the past by doing something else and knowing that it's not working. Not so very different to how the "fans" react to the review...

Of course you found it boring if you aren't familiar with the band or the music. Why did you go in the first place? The only space in that room that had no atmosphere must of been the 2ft surrounding you. I'm not one to sing and dance just because it's not my sort of thing but I would say that 95% of that audience were, so I don't see where you are coming from with that comment. You and the author are talking about the band like they had one song in the 90's and have decided to do a one off show in London 15 years later "trying to recreate the past", that is simply not the case. They have constantly released music and toured in the meantime, just because you haven't heard about it, doesn't mean they haven't. I'm not saying you or anyone else has to like the band it all comes down to personal choice but to make false assumptions about people who work hard at what they do is disrespectful. I took my sister along to the show, she's not a fan but as a singer/songwriter herself appreciates the musicianship and the effort that they put into what they do. If you can't see it from that point of view then you are not qualified to review music. I guess it all comes down to those who can do, and those that can't criticise.

Their music has changed, look at 'Mmmbop' and then look at a song like 'Use me up' they are nothing alike and people have been their fans for years like I was 4 years old when Mmmbop came out, so obviously if I was at their concerts I would like them to play some of their older music, it brings back memories for people and songs from back then is what got them most of their fans.

I am completely shocked with this review. I did not attend the London gig but did go to Manchester, it was my first Hanson gig and by far the BEST live gig that I have ever been to. You cannot attribute this to me being a 'firm follower' as I only got to like them this year. I was blown away with the energy and presence they had on stage and the stamina they had in performing well written songs with such perfection (despite having been on tour for months, traveling around the world, being knackered and missing their families). They interacted well with the crowd and got everyone singing along, and I'll admit I did not know every single word to every single song, but had fun nonetheless. Taylor is a real showman and was jumping around the stage and not 'glued' to the spot. They are not a dance group, they are a vocal harmony band that are so passionate about music, play their own instruments, write their own lyrics and manage their own label, can you say that for many other so called artists? Credit where credit is due. I took my sister along with me kicking and screaming, and now she is a bigger fan than me. It is a shame that you went to the gig with obvious preconceived ideas. It annoys me how people can be so narrow minded and think that it is cool to just follow the norm. And how can you say that the evening was 'bewilderingly predictable' because they played MmmBop? That song was the one that launched them and I am sure it holds a very special place in their hearts, hence why they still perform it, and also for people that only want to hear songs that have been in the charts. I value and respect your opinion and I don't wish to be egocentric and say that Hanson are the best thing since sliced bread and anything else is bull crap but I went with an open mind to the gig not knowing what to expect, and was not disappointed, the boys deliver, FACT.

"I did not attend the London gig" LOL then why are you arguing with her review? You weren't there.

Matilda, I think you must had a bad day before the concert, huh? Sorry for your no-sense angry.

Wow, were you at the same concert I was? Because I can't agree with anything in this review, not even if I tried. The atmosphere that night was incredible and I thought the guys were all energetic and looked like they were having fun. And I think the reason why fans react to the older songs more, is because they bring back so many wonderful memories and it's always fun to hear them live (though I personally love the newer songs more). Hanson has grown so much as a band and they write great songs. It's a real shame that you had such strong prejudice going into the concert because Hanson is an amazing band and you're really missing out. This review sucks and it angers me that there are still people who can't give Hanson a chance just because they're "not cool". Whatever. I travelled from another county just to see this band and I had the best time. Thank you Hanson! I'm just glad we have a quality band like this, and not just these superficial shitty bands who can't even write their own songs or play their instruments.

* country

To the reviewer, I don't know if you read these comments, and with the idiots who have come out thinking they're 'defending Hanson's honour' it wouldn't surprise me if you glossed over them, please not that not all Hanson fans are as over zealous and easily offended as this lot. Some of us can take that you might not have enjoyed the show and had a view that wasn't glowing and only complimentary. It's these people who have made Hanson fans synonymous with ridicule.

Actually I think most of these comments are pretty well articulated compared to the usual Hanson internet debates. People aren't upset she didn't like them, they're annoyed that she wrote a piss poor lazy review. If you think this was a fair unbiased review then you clearly can't read.

Yeah, I hope i came across as at least a bit articulated. My issue was with the lack of research and apparant agenda to the review. maybe i lsoundedlike a rabied fangirl too....

Don't worry, you didn't come across as a fangirl. Some people just like to think they are better than others by putting them down.

Reviews are generally biased. Whether or not their unfair would depend on your opinion. If you think the arguments here are well articulated I beg to differ. Most of them read like offended children whining that someone doesn't 'get' it.


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