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Foyle's War, ITV1 | reviews, news & interviews

Foyle's War, ITV1

Foyle's War, ITV1

Michael Kitchen returns as the tight-lipped detective in wartime Hastings

Michael Kitchen as DCS Christopher Foyle: no breast-beating histrionics
Once upon a time, they all laughed at Inspector Morse because it was felt to be too "highbrow". In 2007, ITV axed Foyle's War, despite regular ratings of about 7 million, allegedly to go in pursuit of a "younger" audience. But people power swung into action, and a surge of protest caused ITV to think again. Hence, DCS Christopher Foyle returned for a sixth series, and now here he is again in a seventh.

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Why would it have to be Foyle's Peace? If you are a Foyle fan, imagine if you discovered six or eight earlier episodes you had missed. Would it put you off that they were out of chronological oder? Of course not! The writers and producers could write episodes which were "Out of order" and it would not matter a toot. This is fictional TV for goodness sake, chronology really doesn't matter

What was the name of the Evelyn Waugh book Foyle gave to 'his other son'?

I'm nourishing hopes for Foyle's Cold War.

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