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theartsdesk Q&A: Producer/DJ Richie Hawtin | reviews, news & interviews

theartsdesk Q&A: Producer/DJ Richie Hawtin

theartsdesk Q&A: Producer/DJ Richie Hawtin

How big is it possible for minimal to get?

Minimal techno kingpin Richie Hawtin deals with those allegations of over-seriousness head on

It's only after hanging up the Skype connection to Richie Hawtin that I realise how effective a branding exercise he has made the interview. In conversation the English-born, Canadian-raised Berlin resident is charming and smart, but listening back I realise that he has subtly repeated the names of his projects and products over and over, with the slickness of a high-flying salesman. But then you don't sustain a 20-year career making relentlessly odd music - yet still be regularly ranked in the very top flight of global club DJs alongside perma-tanned monstrosities more likely to be seen schmoozing Madonna or the Black Eyed Peas than in an underground rave bunker - without knowing a few tricks of the trade.

I wouldn't feel right saying “I”. Sure, I'm on stage, but without the team – there's about 10 of us - not much is going to happen

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It is always worthwhile to hear from musicians who have a true connection with the history of their genre of music (sonically & geographically), but always trying to take it further and forge something new.

Bring back Substance Abuse... machine core... love it

Great interview. Some really great quotes in there. Hawtin is still committed to the underground and pushing sound further. The Plastikman live show was one of the best live experiences I have witnessed - excited for v 2.0!! My favorite quote which defines my experience with music: "That's what the idea of what you do as a great DJ or great live show is all about, because when it works you're at the edge of creating a moment which everybody is waiting for yet nobody knows exactly what they are waiting for; it's a moment that everybody is wishing to become clear and become defined, but as soon as it is you're looking beyond it again. And I think that's what techno and electronic music should be about..."

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