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CD: King Charles - LoveBlood

CD: King Charles - LoveBlood

Pop's self-declared new king has all the marks of pretender

King Charles's 'LoveBlood': thin gruel

This particular King Charles should watch out. Although he’s assumed the trappings of a Georgian fop, he’d be well minded to pay heed to his predecessors King Charles I - beheaded in 1649 - and King Charles II – dogged by plague and the Great Fire of London. On the evidence of the thin gruel that is LoveBlood, his debut album, our latter-day King Charles’s place in history is far from assured.

LoveBlood slots neatly into the gaps between Noah and the Whale, Mumford & Sons, Jamie T, Lily Allen and Jack Peñate, via a layby stop-off with Mika and Olly Murs. The only thing separating the man born plain old Charles Costa, a former Durham University sociology student, from this crowd is a colossal amount of chutzpah and a rock-solid business backing. After time with forgotten Laura Marling support band Adventure Playground his breakthrough came through winning Nashville’s 2010 International Songwriting Competition. The big time called and he was LA-bound to complete LoveBlood.

Apart from the sore-thumb FM guitar rock of “Coco Chitty”, LoveBlood canters through 10 straightforward and repetitive fancies that take in Afro-rhythms, skanky beats, smidgens of Balkan-lite and Costa’s lispy, glottal-stop ridden voice. The lyrics are trite. "You’re the trigger on my gun, the sandbank in my ocean,” he declares on “Ivory Road”, while "Wilde Love" offers “all men kill the thing they love". But if the pop is good enough, does any of this matter? Probably not. His tunes are sunny and pep-filled, and he has sway-along, singalong choruses in extremis. LoveBlood is modern bubblegum. No more, no less. France’s now-forgotten, similarly marketed Slimmy tried this trick a few years ago and was soon back where he came from. That’s the case study Costa should be looking at for the pitfalls to avoid if he wants to ensure longevity.

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'LoveBlood' is modern bubblegum. No more, no less


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This Album Sounds Magnificent. Definite Buy. x

Not sure I believe this review - sounds like you didn't really listen to the album and just patchworked an opinion from what you read on Drowned in Sound and the NME. From what I've heard, in terms of singles, he sounds bloody ace. Pop, yes, but hardly 'bubblegum'. And do remember: pop music is meant to be fun - hardly a meditation on War & Peace. "Thin gruel" indeed!

Off to see this wonderful gentleman this evening for the second time, and I'm sure it will be even more spectacular than the first. Don't let this review put you off! If I have it my way he won't soon be 'back where he came from' but will continue to make amazingly feel-good, beautiful music. What a brilliant, brilliant man!

I was at the album launch on Tuesday, once again a packed event with people from all walks of life enjoying themselves. Ignore this review, it's as accurate as King Charles' barber. Buy and enjoy. x

This album is chock full of great songs.

wow this review is so far from the truth it's comical! the artist, the album, the melodies, lyrics, story telling is second to none. the gentleman who wrote this review, unfortunately could not hear a dog bark!!!! the

dont listen to the review all you need to know is that king charles genuinely cares about what he is singing and is an extremely talented man! he is miles above any current pop star and deserves the recognition! his songs bring a smile to your face, make you want to sing along and dance! he is also brilliant live when i saw him in southampton he wasnt just sitting backstage during the support acts he was in the crowed listening to the music and supporting his support acts! he loves music and loves what he is doing. also his lyrics are excellent none of this 'blow my whistle!' and all the over shallow chart music! the music is also brilliant the ending to love lust is amazing! i think the reviewer should listen through to the album again, listen to the lyrics remember that they mean something to him and he will be as addicted to king charles music as all of his fans are! "love will set your soul on fire"

This reviewer just has no idea! Mika??? I think Charles Costa is the most original talent since David Bowie. He will grow and grow, and probably keep reinventing himself along the way. A major talent!

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