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Album: Paloma Faith - Infinite Things | reviews, news & interviews

Album: Paloma Faith - Infinite Things

Album: Paloma Faith - Infinite Things

A re-versioning of the self into more serious, sombre realms

Paloma Faith's new album Infinite Things

For her fifth studio album, Paloma Faith decided to boldly ctrl-alt-delete the first version, and re-do it in lockdown.

The new-new one is a little bath bomb of an album – it fizzes with funky pop, 80s sheen and emotional nuance than speaks of her long term relationship and being a mother to teenies (she’s currently pregnant with no. 2).

If you need any further explanation about her headspace in re-versioning Infinite Things and generally how it’s been going in lockdown, fast forward to “Me Time” which practically yells about “I need some me time, figuring out who I want to be time, saying what I want because I'm free time… shut the door and I just want to scream time”.

There’s a Kate Bush meets Cyndi Lauper feel in “Supernatural”, the drum smacks and synth so nostalgic you can almost feel the softness of leg warmers and peacock-blue eyeshadow. I challenge you to not step-ball-change along to the melodrama of “Oceans will drain out and the stars disintegrate, it's like two roads, I have lost all my control, I look into you, you make me rock and roll”.

The entire collection is as overstated – whether it’s emotional exhaustion at the difficulty of being in a relationship, as seen in the twisty-pop quicksmart lyrics and dancefloor beat of “Monster”, and lyrical sentiment of “If This is Goodbye” and “If Loving You Was Easy” – as well as the softer-hearted songs. “Infinite Things” is a wry take at being slightly disappointed at the world you’re bringing up a child in, infused with hope at the image of God you can see in a babies’ eyes with stripped back vocals and a sweet if slightly melancholy melody. Another highlight is “Better Than This” – a wistful yet powerful song that wishes of making the world a better place for those we will leave behind.

There is a little of the joi de vivre that we’re used to from Faith in “Falling” and “Gold” – a feelgood pop tune with uplifting cadence and hand-clappy sway to the lyrics of “I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna be alright” and a gospel chorus of “I’m shining gold”. But this is a dampened down version of the usually loud and colourful, fearless firecracker of an artist. Either taking control of creative and production has resulted in a more serious, sombre sound, or she should have trusted her creative team a little more.

A wry take at being slightly disappointed at the world you’re bringing up a child in


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