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Modern Family, Sky1 / Question Time, BBC One | reviews, news & interviews

Modern Family, Sky1 / Question Time, BBC One

Modern Family, Sky1 / Question Time, BBC One

Three odd couples and one very irate studio audience

American critics have been fanfaring Modern Family as something of a sitcom revolution for its wit, intelligence and the cast's all-round expertise. It might take longer to grow a British fanbase, because you need a few spins around the circuit before its contours start to feel familiar, but then suddenly the lights go on and revelation ensues.

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the debate was a despicable farce just a hand picked immigration favouring audience designed to favour new labours idiotic stance on immigration this will lose labour the election. not the fiddleing or the banking failures. It was so obviously fixed it almost made me puke i had to switch off we need a proper debate with an audience that represents proper rank and file voters .....soon. it just highlited the fact that the bbc is a propaganda peddleing nu labour crap organisation who must think the british people are stupid christ weve all had enough and they cant see it

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