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Mister Eleven, ITV1 | reviews, news & interviews

Mister Eleven, ITV1

Mister Eleven, ITV1

Drama by numbers gets its sums badly wrong

The infernal triangle: Michelle Ryan and other eye candy
You can just picture the meeting. Someone stands up and pitches. “We’ve got this girl, see. And she’s good at numbers, OK? You know, maths and stuff. But here’s the thing: she knows that statistically her best chance of a successful marriage is if she gets hitched to her 11th sexual partner when she’s 28. With me so far, guys? Trouble is, she discovers on her wedding day that Mister Eleven is really Mister Ten. Yeah? And then all hell breaks loose. What you reckon? Eh? Think it’s a goer?” Silence reigns in the room until the head honcho - you somehow assume it is a man - slowly raises his honcho head and delivers his solemn verdict. “I love it!!”

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