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Ken Dodd, Richmond Theatre | reviews, news & interviews

Ken Dodd, Richmond Theatre

Ken Dodd, Richmond Theatre

Comedy royalty gives a masterclass in stagecraft

Ken Dodd: at 82, the brilliant comic is celebrating 55 years in show business

This is the first gig I have attended where a sign at the door states: “First act - long. Second act - even longer”. So we have been warned, and as soon as Ken Dodd takes to the stage he refers to his (by now) legendary ultra-lengthy shows. “This evening will be a test of bladder strength,” he tells us, and proceeds to entertain almost non-stop for the next four hours (he has been known to do five or six).

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Totally agree with 99% of Veronica's comments. The remaining 1%? I like Sybie Jones! But there is no-one funnier than Ken Dodd and his live shows have to be experienced to be believed. I went with three friends, all of whom had 'had a bad day'. They came out transformed - happy, giggling, singing. Eric Sykes has said that Ken should be available on the NHS - so true. The girls from my group at school (Class of 1962) are making a list of 'Things To Do Before We Die'. Top of my list is to make sure they all get to see Ken Dodd on stage, then we can all die happy. Thanks, Veronica. You've summed up the evening perfectly. Your review is a welcome reminder of a wonderful Tuesday evening.

Well, I'm tickled - I never would have thought it but if you say so, Veronica, maybe I ought to go. Certainly I remember Frankie Howerd's comeback gigs as masterclasses in the art of comic structuring, so if Ken can hold up as well over a much longer timespan, he must be a genius.

'What a glorious day for sticking a cucumber through the vicar's letter box and shouting THE MARTIANS HAVE LANDED!" Sounds cracking.

Yes Veronica, spot on! I saw Ken in Guildford this week July 2012. Kick off 1930...kick out 0010!. Superb performance. But Sybie Jones??? I thought she was a comedy act, too. I was laughing politely at her ineptitude, then realised that she thought she was rather good. Embarrassing! I know she is Ken's ladyfriend, but she has to go. Amethyst, the magic act, was extremely talented and worth watching. (The girl assistant was very fetching! Not a slim lass by any means, so where he hid her while plunging swords into her box (now, now, that's enough of that!) I do not know

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