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New releases on CD & DVD

CD: Man Duo - Orbit

Kieron Tyler

True to their name, Finland’s Man Duo are male and there are two of them. The better-known half is former Helsinki tram driver Jaakko Eino Kalevi. Born Jaakko Savolainen – the Kalevi nods to his home country’s epic tale, The Kalevala – his arm’s-length solo discography stretches back to 2001. That year, he made a collaborative single with Sami Toroi, who traded as Long-Sam.

CD: Gogol Bordello - Seekers and Finders

Thomas H Green

As a live phenomenon Gogol Bordello are unstoppable, a crowd-whipping Balkan-punk storm that sweeps venues away with them. For some years this blinded me to their recorded output. Their albums sent shivers up my spine, a tinctured version of their explosive performances, and I was unable to understand why, despite their wildness, rock’n’roll attitude, and ability to rip out a solid tune, their success remained of the cult variety. Listening to Seekers and Finders, things are clearer.Frontman...

DVD/Blu-ray: The 5000 Fingers of Dr T

Graham Rickson

There are lots of ideas bubbling away under the surface of The 5000 Fingers of Dr T. There would have been even more had the studio not panicked...

CD: Dent May - Across the Multiverse

Kieron Tyler

As the title and Seventies-style cover image indicate, Across the Multiverse is knowing. Though the “Across the Universe” reference nods to The...

CD: Lucky Soul – Hard Lines

Barney Harsent

We are living, I think it’s fair to say, in troubled times. That is, if we’re living at all by the time of publication. Putting aside, for a second,...

CD: Kesha - Rainbow

Thomas H Green

Kesha's comeback is full of vim and studded with gems which bode well for the future

DVD/Blu-ray: American Gods

Nick Hasted

Divine immigration epic from Neil Gaiman

CD: Richard Thompson - Acoustic Classics II

Russ Coffey

Another unplugged journey around the old master's back-catalogue

CD: The Duke Spirit - Sky is Mine

Javi Fedrick

Fifth album from London alt-rockers comes on thoughtful but tough

DVD/Blu-ray: The Tree of Wooden Clogs

Tom Birchenough

Overwhelming humanism in Ermanno Olmi's neo-realist masterpiece

CD: ZGTO - A Piece of the Geto

Thomas H Green

Detroit duo take hip hop off the rails into outright strangeness

CD: Offa Rex - The Queen of Hearts

Tim Cumming

Olivia Chaney and Portland's Decemberists channel the golden age of English folk rock

CD: Rat Boy - SCUM

Thomas H Green

Occasionally invigorating, often irritating debut from cheerfully loud-mouthed geezer and band

DVD/Blu-ray: Wakefield

Jasper Rees

Bryan Cranston plays a man who leaves his home in order to spy on it

CD: James Heather - Stories From Far Away on Piano

Thomas H Green

Nine piano pieces that announce a new contender

DVD/Blu-ray: The Levelling

Nick Hasted

Director's fine debut finds sad secrets in rural England

CD: Girl Ray - Earl Grey

Kieron Tyler

London trio’s debut album is a winning update of Eighties indie archetypes

CD: Randy Newman - Dark Matter

Russ Coffey

The veteran songsmith's latest LP swaps the political for the personal

CD: Black Grape - Pop Voodoo

Guy Oddy

Shaun Ryder and Kermit unexpectedly bounce back after 20 years

DVD/Blu-ray: Der müde Tod

David Nice

Stunning images and lavish detail in Fritz Lang's four interlinked fantasies

CD: Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano - Everything

Joe Muggs

Underneath a tasteful surface lies profundity if you immerse yourself

CD: The Isley Brothers & Santana - Power of Peace

Thomas H Green

Guitar legends join forces for an underwhelming soul outing

Blu-ray: Terror in a Texas Town

Mark Kidel

Hollywood blacklist Western with contemporary resonance

CD: The Fall - New Facts Emerge

Javi Fedrick

The original and eternal post-punk Mancunian rumpus-maker returns

CD: Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

Thomas H Green

The queen of doomed, widescreen melancholia returns with an overdose of sultry slow-burners

CD: Alice Cooper - Paranormal

Guy Oddy

Alice returns to give his theatrical stylings an alt-rock make-over

DVD/Blu-ray: The Fabulous Baron Munchausen

Graham Rickson

Enchanting, surreal romp: one of the greatest fantasy films ever made

CD: Arcade Fire – Everything Now

Howard Male

A joyous pop album that depicts a world in tragic freefall

CD: Jupiter & Okwess - Kin Sonic

Mark Kidel

Congolese proverbs and exhortations to right living


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