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The Boy With Tape On His Face, Touring

The Boy With Tape On His Face, Touring

Sorry but dance has funnier silent clowns with better timing

New Zealander Sam Wills aka The Boy With Tape On His Face: Sigh, not that funny

The mistake was probably that I hadn’t tanked up beforehand. Clues were there. Soho Theatre is over a pub. 9.45pm start. Who’s going to turn up in those circumstances completely sober? Who would be mad enough to turn up in Soho at 9.45pm stone-cold sober? And a four-star Edinburgh Fringe show had not necessarily been assessed by altogether un-punchdrunk viewers, lurching as they do (and I have done) between five shows a night.

There's a video on his website that helpfully speeds up his activity as if it were a silent movie; if only he could move more like that

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I was sober when I saw The Boy in Edinburgh, and was utterly delighted. As is written in this review, the audience around me was rocking with laughter and, unlike the reviewer, I joined in. I also caught The Boy at a performance of Late and Live. It is a testimony to his performer's skill to be able to handle such a raucous crowd, enchanting them, without ever removing the tape. It is a shame this review is so dour, and seems to be intent on comparing dance to clowning. Also, there is an error, The Boy received five star reviews. Repeatedly.

I have just returned from seeing The Boy. An utterly delightful and hilarious experience, completely unsullied by political awareness or social relevance. Fabulous

I recently caught The Boy with Tape on His Face's show and utterly loved every minute. I was sad to read this review, as the reviewer seems to utterly miss the point of this beautiful and hilarious comedy show. I would recommend this show to absolutely anyone unreservedly and will definitely try to catch his show again. Next time I am going to take more people with me. He has most certainly got a fan here.

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