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Florence Hallett

An art writer and critic with a special interest in conservation, restoration and art politics, Florence is the architecture and monuments correspondent at...

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Markie Robson-Scott

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Matthew Wright

Gigs ed and TV writer. Author of Seasick Steve: Ramblin' Man (June 2016, John Blake Books), the first book-length study of the true story behind the acclaimed...

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Aleks Sierz

Aleks is author of In-Yer-Face Theatre and Rewriting the Nation, co-editor of theatreVOICE website, and works as a journalist, broadcaster and theatre critic...

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Graham Fuller

Graham is a British writer and editor based in New York since 1986. He was the executive editor at Interview magazine (1990-2000) and the Sunday arts editor at...

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David Nice

David writes, lectures and broadcasts on music. A former music critic for The Guardian and The Sunday Correspondent, he is a regular voice on BBC Radio 3. He...

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Sam Marlowe

Sam trained as an actor, and began her writing career as a critic and features writer for What's On In London magazine. She later became the magazine's theatre...

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Peter Culshaw

Peter is a music and arts broadcaster and has written for the Observer, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Songlines, among others in the UK and internationally. He...

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Thomas H Green

Thomas writes regularly for the Daily Telegraph and Mixmag. He has been a consistent presence in the UK dance music media since the mid-Nineties and has also...

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Ismene Brown

Ismene designed and launched the original version of The Arts Desk, after spending 15 years as the Daily Telegraph's dance critic. She was TAD's Site...

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Gavin Dixon

Gavin Dixon is a writer, journalist and editor specialising in classical music. He teaches at the University of Kent and is a Curator of Musical Instruments at...

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Christopher Lambton

Christopher Lambton writes about music when he is not looking after woodland or chopping firewood

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Lisa-Marie Ferla

Lis has been famous on the internet since 1999; the result of having a blog which predates the existence of the term "blogging". Although she 'daylights' as a...

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Graeme Thomson

Graeme Thomson has written extensively on music and popular culture for, among others, the Guardian, the Observer, the Telegraph, New Statesman, The Word,...

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Emma Simmonds

Emma is a film and TV critic whose words have appeared in Time Out, Radio Times, The Observer, Empire, Total Film, Little White Lies, The Spectator, Virgin...

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Simon Munk

Award-winning specialist journalist in videogames, technology, cycling and outdoors products. Experienced copywriter. Competent videogame script editor and...

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Judith Flanders

Judith is the author of A Circle of Sisters, a biography of Alice Kipling, Louisa Baldwin, Agnes Poynter and Georgiana Burne-Jones, The Victorian House:...

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Kate Bassett

Kate is an arts journalist and a drama critic for The Times. She has written on theatre, film, books, dance and comedy for the Telegraph, Independent on Sunday...

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Marianka Swain

Marianka Swain is a writer and editor. She covers the arts for several outlets, including the Ham...

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James Woodall

James wrote (1999-2010) for the Financial Times, The Economist and Dance Europe, mainly from Berlin. His books include a biography of Jorge Luis Borges, a...

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Stephen Walsh

Stephen is a former Observer music critic and a regular contributor to The Times, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Independent and the BBC. He is the author...

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Barney Harsent

Writer, editor, and author of Music Top 10s (Bounty), Barney is a music and television fanatic. He also hosts a radio show on, and is a...

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Joe Muggs

Joe writes regularly for FACT, The Wire and Mixmag, specialising in electronic music and the anything-but-grey areas where genres and media dissolve into one...

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Demetrios Matheou

Demetrios Matheou is the film editor of theartsdesk. He's also the film critic for The Sunday Herald and a London correspondent for Indiewire. His writing has...

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Adam Sweeting

Former features editor of Melody Maker, Adam has written on rock, classical music and television for the Guardian, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph,...

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Edward Seckerson

Edward is a writer and broadcaster. A one-time actor and musician, he is currently Chief Classical Music Critic for the Independent. He wrote and presented the...

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Igor Toronyi-Lalic

Igor is the editor of Culture House at The Spectator. He's a co-director of the London Contemporary Music Festival and author of Benjamin Britten (2013) for...

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Sarah Kent

Sarah was the visual arts editor art of Time Out, the ICA’s Director of Exhibitions, has served on Turner Prize and other juries, and has written catalogues...

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Howard Male

Howard has written on music for the Independent, Songlines, The Word and other publications. He is also a musician and has just completed his first novel, Etc...

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Hanna Weibye

Hanna is a historian at King's College, Cambridge. She is currently completing a biography of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, the inventor of "German gymnastics". As...

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Matt Wolf

Matt is London theatre critic of The International New York Times (formerly The International Herald Tribune) and London correspondent for the

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Tom Birchenough

Tom has been based largely in Moscow since 1991, from where he has written for a range of publications. He has contributed to Variety since 1993, and was for...

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Jasper Rees

Jasper has written about the arts, books, the media and sport for many broadsheets and magazines. He currently writes for the Telegraph and the Spectator. In...

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Veronica Lee

Veronica is an award-winning writer and critic who contributes on theatre and comedy to the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, Observer and London Evening...

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Alexandra Coghlan

Alexandra is the classical music critic of the New Statesman, and has written on arts for The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, Prospect, Gramophone, Opera...

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Carole Woddis

Carole Woddis has been a theatre journalist for more than 20 years. She was London theatre critic for The Herald (Glasgow) for over a decade and has written...

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Heather Neill

Heather Neill is a critic and theatre writer. She was Arts Editor of The Times Educational Supplement and has contributed features to The Times, Telegraph and...

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Bernard Hughes

Bernard Hughes is a composer and writer, based in London.

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Bruce Dessau

Bruce specialises in music, TV and comedy. He writes for The London Evening Standard and is the author of biographies of numerous major figures, including...

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Mark Kidel

Mark is a documentary filmmaker and writer specialising in the arts and music. Recent films include "Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance ", "Road Movie: A Portrait...

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Jillian Edelstein

Jillian photographed the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa for the New York Times and many other stories for The New Yorker, Vogue and Vanity...

Peter Quinn's picture

Peter Quinn

Peter has written on classical music and jazz for Tempo, Jazzwise, The Times Literary Supplement, BBC Music Magazine and International Record Review, among...

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Russ Coffey

Russ directed the award-winning documentary Hookers For Jesus and has also written on serial killer Dennis Nilsen, the Church of Scientology and been a...